Wire, Hole Pop & Sinker EDM

Create Complex Cuts and Contours.

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a process that uses small, rapid electrical sparks to remove material from a work piece. Dexterous has three CNC wire EDM machines. These can create complex cuts and contours through a block of steel. We also use them to make small inserts and small cuts that milling machines cannot do. These machines have ultra-tight tolerances that allow us to machine interchangeable inserts for multi-cavity molds. We use the latest wire programming software to maximize the efficiency of our machines and produce high quality parts for our customers.

Our CNC hole pop machine can produce accurate holes in hardened steel blocks. It can make thru holes or blind depth holes. We can also use this machine to quickly remove a broken drill embedded in steel.

Our CNC sinker EDM machines produce excellent quality parts and hold tight tolerances. We utilize an Erowa holder and robot system to maximize efficiency and reduce the cost to our customers. With tool changers and a palletizing system, we can run these machines unattended 24/7 to reduce cost and speed up timing. We also use two high speed graphite mills with automation to keep up with the electrode demand of the EDM machines. Call Dexterous for all your EDM needs.

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